23. April 2020
Tachymeter , tachymeter scale (also: tachometer, tachometer scale) Clock function / scale for measuring speeds. The tachymeter uses the reciprocal proportional relationship between time and speed to measure the (average) speed if the distance (= reference / base) is known . The ring scale shows speeds for different time periods. If, for example, the second hand of a chronograph is started when a milestone is passed by car , the speed can be read on the tachymeter scale when the next milestone...
26. März 2020
In our hometown Pforzheim, there are sometimes flee-markets where you can find big watchmakers treasure.
31. Mai 2017
Förster was once a big supplier for our movements. Therefore we found some treasure in our storage: the Förster 90! In 1907, Bernhard Förster founded a jewelry factory in Pforzheim. He took over the company Häfner and started the production of spring rings. Soon he entered the prospering business of manufacturing watch cases. In 1934, the product range was extended and wristwatches were also manufactured under the brand name "FORESTA". In the year 1937 Förster began to produce its own...
30. Mai 2017
From now on, we will give you regular insights into our daily business, as well as articles dealing with the wonderful world of watches.