Our after-sales-service for your company


Our advantages, your benefit:

- EDP-supported order processing

- 48 hour service

- Return management, storage and


- Error analysis and statistics

- Quality controls

- Spare parts storage and logistics


Service 1


As a traditional watch factory, we are one of the first contacts for the world's leading watch companies, with regards to the After-Sales-Service for warranty and none warranty watch repairs.


Your warranty repairs must be processed quickly and repaired from competent watchmakers. We from Ernst Mitschele GmbH are a watch factory which also takes over the after-sales service for your brand. Watch companies as well as jewelers and other retailers benefit from the advantages offered by our after-sales-service. We handle the orders of our contract partners professionally and without long processing times. Besides the repair of watches within the guarantee period, the following services are part of our after-sales service:

- repairs for the end user

- Repairs for specialized dealers

- Technical advice for contact persons in

specialized trade

- Spare parts sale


In addition, we are active in the field of technical questions and problems. Furthermore, the complete distribution of spare parts is part of the after-sales service portfolio.

Working as a company efficiently also sometimes means outsourcing certain tasks. Watchmakers, specialist dealers, jewelers and other companies counts on us as a partner for repair and assembling of watches, to shorten processing and delivery times and to offer their customers timely and professional services.

Service 2


As a specialist for mechanical and quartz watches, we offer complete services for any kind of movement. This includes the complete disassembling of the movement, cleaning and oiling of all mechanical components as well as the amplitude regulation and the control of the water resistance. In addition, all worn out and defective watch parts are replaced during final assembly.

We recommend that you revise your mechanical watch every two years to correct any wear and tear, replace defective parts, and avoid damages to the watch.

We also offer the processing, cleaning and polishing of certain parts of the watch, such as clasps, metal bands, or cases. For quartz watches, we offer various services as part of our service concept. Battery replacement, replacement of movements and glasses as well as the rebuilding of the water resistance will be done by our watchmakers.

For technical questions, our watchmakers are always at your disposal.