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Delivering top Quality Watches Since 1932

The company was founded In 1932 and since that time, we are offering high quality watches with a favorable price/performance ratio. In the private label business, our attention to detail has made us to one of the premier partners of leading brands. Thus, we utilize our entire know-how to maintain our ultimate target of high quality.


Made in GErmany

Mitschele Watch Factory Herrenuhr

Watch assembling

Mitschele Watch Factory Damenuhr

Private Label


Gents Watches

Mitschele Watch Factory Herrenuhr

Ladies Watches

Mitschele Watch Factory Damenuhr

Carbon Watches

Carbon watch bracelet


We offer a large variety of accessories from cuff links to key pendants.

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Swiss made

Your Swiss Made Private Label watch.


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About Us

Alina und Philipp Glosse

The Mitschele Watch Factory in Pforzheim, Germany is run in the 4th generation by our family.  

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